Baby E || Orange County Photographer

One of my favorite newborn session of the year…if not two years!! How I loved this little guys facial expressions. There is something so sweet and innocent of newborns. Even though my time is down with that stage of my life, it is always nice to visit it through others.

Heres a few from the Maternity shoot as well

Martins for letting me be part of capturing it!

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Just a day at home

So I pull out my camera to download some pictures from another shoot I did. The girls saw the camera and then went crazy asking me to take their pictures outside. They are only 3 years old….already they are camera hungry. But I couldn’t resist, and it has been awhile sense I took some of their pictures. And I’m so glad I did. I think every once an awhile a mom needs to be reminded just how cute her kids are and just how lucky she is to have them in her life. It was a small but much needed reminder I needed.

It’s their little attitudes that sometimes drive me insane….it’s also their little attitudes that I just adore. It makes them….them

I’m just in love with these two pictures. Harley (above) has finally learned how to smile nicely….and it just warms my heart. And Riley (below) she has me smitten!

So a day later we all went outside and I was able to catch Riley in a total day dream of her brushing her hair. She had no idea I was taking the pictures so these are totally unposed and unplanned. Her look of total peace is so funny. But I adore these shots! Then the boys were begging me to take their pictures as well…but of them fighting. They were so excited of their action shots they kept on going. They were pretty proud of themselves. This is a daily routine at our place. After school, go outside and fight on the trampoline. It bets watching TV.

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The Suggs Family | Inland Empire Family Photographer

One thing is for sure……time goes by way too fast. So many things have past by so fast that if I didn’t blink I would have missed it. And when things go by so fast, sometimes it’s hard to get to all the small stuff. I haven’t forgot about you. I often think about you. And I promise to continue to return to you. Please don’t forget me! I even spiffed up the blog for ya. What ya think??

As I have mentioned in so many of my blog post……”I LOVE CAPTURING FAMILIES”!!! I love getting those sweet tender moments….and them just as is. I love every minute I have capturing them. And this family delivers every time. Needless to say the mom is the coolest mom and has the coolest ideas for her family shoots. This shoot had a ton of meaning to her. She decided to have her location at the place that took her away for many nights out of a couple of years from her young and growing family. She wanted it at her college. And in just a few short weeks she was going to be graduating. There was no better place that she could think of then there.

These kids kill me!!! They rocked!

And by far……my favorite pic of the day…..seriously a sweet moment

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